11 Types of Rakhi that are Perfect for Your Little Brother

Rakshabandhan is the day when brothers and sisters come a little closer to each other and celebrate the pure bond of love and trust between them. Rakshabandhan is one of the most widely celebrated Hindu festivals across the globe. On this day, sisters tie rakhi on their brother’s wrists and take a vow to protect them for the rest of their lives. Brothers shower their lovely sisters with gifts in return as a gesture of thankfulness.

Buying the perfect rakhi for your little brother can be a hassle, especially if your brother is a fussy one! At TheRakhiShop, we have just the perfect solution for you. TheRakhiShop brings you an abundant collection of Kids rakhi so that you can find the best one for your little brother and bring the brightest smile to his face! Buy rakhi online this year from TheRakhiShop’s out-of-the-box rakhi collection that is listed below.

1. Cute Beverage Quirky Rakhi: The tiny beverage cup and the scoop of ice cream on the bright-colored fabric thread will surely melt his heart and bring the brightest smile to his face!

2. Wow, Quirky Rakhi: This rakhi comes with a mini ice cream cake with ‘wow’ written on top of it. Make sure to let him know that the rakhi is inedible!

3. Cute Unicorn Quirky Rakhi: Everyone loves unicorns, especially kids! This rakhi gift this rainbow-colored, cute unicorn rakhi to your brother and make the day even more colorful!

4. Sweet Peppa Pig Quirky Rakhi: Kids love Peppa Pig. This rakhi is intricately designed with a Peppa Pig sticker and beads on a color-coordinated fabric. Buy this super cute rakhi for your brother and see him jump with joy!

5. Spiderman Quirky Rakhi: From little kids to elders, everyone loves Spiderman. Get this quirky Spiderman rakhi for your little brother this Rakshabandhan comes with a fabric thread and funky beads.

Spiderman Quirky Rakhi

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6. Sassy Chelsea Quirky Rakhi: Does your brother love football and support Chelsea football club? Then this is the perfect rakhi for him. The rakhi has a Chelsea logo placed on a piece of fabric thread with football-shaped beads.

7. Pooh and Tiger Quirky Rakhi: This cute little Pooh and Tiger rakhi will take both of you to the good old days when you used to enjoy this cartoon together. This rakhi will be the perfect one for your brother if he wants classic cartoons.

8. Cute Ludo King Quirky Rakhi: Ludo has become the most popular game during the Covid-19 lockdown. Gift this quirky rakhi with a mini ludo king logo to your brother to remember the days you have spent together playing ludo indoors during the lockdown. Also, the times he has been defeated by you!

9. Aeroplane Departures Quirky Rakhi: Get this cute airplane rakhi for your brother and revisit the memories of the places that you have been together on a plane.

10. Quirky Batman Rakhi: If Batman is your brother's favorite superhero, then you should get this little Batman logo rakhi for him, and you might bag the best Rakshabandhan gift this year!

11. Tom and Jerry Cute Quirky Rakhi: Who doesn’t love Tom and Jerry, right? Get this adorable Tom and Jerry rakhi for your brother this year and revisit the times you used to watch this classic cartoon together.

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